• Making creative and cohesive working space

    PMG has made key investments in digital and innovation sectors to keep it going forward. Architects have created a cohesive working space for its Radio, Satellite Television and other products.

  • Highly sophisticated meeting hall for new digital practice in Nepal

    Pavilion Media Group has an exceptionally modern hall where best brains engross in cognitive activities to brainstorm and churn their ideas. PMG focuses on unique nature of work reflecting innovative​​ investment.

  • Organizing world-class programs

    PMG takes a stride toward meaningful changes in media practice by executing, imparting diverse activities with an impact. Khabarbub has organized and set 4 Guinness World Records in front of Eiffel Tower, Paris, on July 31, 2019.

  • State-of-the-art newsroom nurtures a new trend

    Pavilion Media Group has the most-affluent design with a full state-of-the-art facility in Nepal. The avant-garde newsroom of Khabarhub is the first of its kind in Nepal where journalists enjoy enthusing environment for creativity and innovation.

  • Khabarhub flag on Top of the World

    Pavilion Media Group advances ahead to be at the top of generating news. Khabarhub organized a program of flag hosting with Nepal’s veteran climber Jangbu Sherpa hoisting its flag on top of Mount Everest on May 15, 2019.

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