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Pavilion Media Group (PMG) is a fast-rising, leading and cutting-edge technological-equipped media conglomerate in Nepal. PMG disseminates various contents through its diverse media outlets, including digital, radio, television, News Agency, Social Media, and other platforms that reach a large and diverse audience each day.

PMG has various advertising opportunities to meet the clients’ needs. PMG also strives to meet advertisers’ needs for a long-lasting healthy business relationship with our advertisement partners. PMG provides access to advertisers from local, national to global audiences, every brand and campaign. PMG reaches millions of Nepali households through its various media outlets and local partners stations.

It is the best platform that provides access to launch multifaceted advertisement campaigns at the local, national as well as international level. PMG’s extensive outreach and impact on audiences will help to promote and amplify any brands, services, and products.

It also endeavors its best to drive the value of advertising partners as well as to maximize its advertisement campaign performance. PMG customers can have different opportunities such as engaging and participating in events, market research, market insights, and making local market connections. PMG’s various media outlets can surely be the most appropriate and felicitous platforms to thrive your business.

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