Pavilion Media Group (PMG) intends to collaborate and partner with a wide range of local and global strategic media organizations for a wider reach. PMG provides a full range of opportunities, prospects and leverage to ensure collective objectives.

Pavilion Media Group’s collaboration with local as well as global organizations has been for the cause of real journalism that values democracy, universal values of human rights, rule of law, freedom of expression and openness, among others. PMG desires to partner with the media and other related organizations based on mutual trust, and to create an impact in society. PMG has various media platforms (broadcast and digital media including satellite television), nationwide radio network, news agency, digital news, entertainment, business and data platform, and other digital tools having a wide reach in Nepal. It is committed to responsible journalism to inform, and entertain through different platforms.

PMG is always open to partnering with like-minded local as well as global media groups to expand its readership reach by laying a much broader news base. PMG is pleased to consider all requests about partnerships across the globe. Please email us about your inquiries to make a partnership with Pavilion Media Group at [email protected]