Khabarhub organizing debate on Nepal-China border dispute today

Date: 24 Oct 2021
Location: Pavilion Hall
Address: Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: China has been reaping a sizeable harvest of political parties’ “nationalism rhetoric” and positive perceptions about China, experts and analysts have said.

They say Nepal has failed to resolve the border issue with the northern neighbor for the political parties’ different approaches about India and China.

Nepal has failed to make a clear position on foreign policy issues, they said, particularly when it comes to China and India.

Participants of the Program

Taking part in “Khabarhub Debate” organized by Khabarhub at the Pavilion Hall in Kathmandu Friday, the participants including experts on the border issues were unanimous to claim that Nepal would suffer if it failed to claim back encroached upon territory since evidence has already proved that China has encroached upon Nepal’s land in Humla.